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2017 Highlights

Yesterday & Hey Jude from the 2017 Summer concert

The Rhythm of Life Feb 2017 with the Fron Choir

Mersey Wave 2016 Highlights

Choir performance at the Albert Dock of ‘Our Liverpool Song’

Somme and Beyond July 2016

Speke with the Fron Male Voice Choir February 2016

Liverpool Philharmonic January 2016

Merry Christmas from 2015!

Highlights from our summer concert 2015

Performance of ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ by the Mersey Wave Choir with Fron Male Voice Choir at ‘World in Union’ February 2015

Performance of ‘Consider Yourself’ by the Mersey Wave Choir ‘World in Union’ February 2015

A Video of highlight from 2014.

A concert took place at St Ambrose Church, Speke on July 26th 2013. The concert celebrated 60 years since the formation of the parish and finished on a finale of The Beatles’ classic ‘All you Need is Love’…