Workplace Music

The 10-week concert programme

In 10 weeks we will take from 10 to 1,000 of your staff from across your company and turn them into a choir. At the end of the programme they will perform in front of colleagues – and at our annual concerts across Merseyside.

Along the way, staff will meet new colleagues and make great friends, gain a new sense of wellbeing, relieve stress and have lots of fun!
Singing has numerous positive benefits including creating a workforce that is:

more confident
less stressed
more productive
more connected

The Workplace Choir Company run choirs in businesses to encourage better team work, improve morale, boost productivity and creativity, and engage staff in a new and exciting way.

Many members of our existing community based choir talk of how it helps shake off any stresses of the day. Bringing this positive feeling to there work life will provide and better, happier and ultimately more productive workforce!

Our 10-week concert programme and teambuilding days will give you a brilliant workplace choir experience. Working with our team of experienced choir leaders, and singing songs you’ll love to sing whether it’s classic Soul, Take That or an uplifiting Gospel number or a classic, our programme injects energy and togetherness into a team.

Programmes are run across Merseyside and Cheshire

Commission your company’s anthem!

Custom written song telling the world everything that is great about you company and the people who work there! Work toward a performance and recording of the song to share!